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Support for your highest well-being

Recipes and loving insights for living in alignment with your menstrual cycle.

Cooking Designed for Hormonal Health

I develop recipes for people who want to live in sync with the natural rhythms of their body. All of the symptoms (bloating, crippling cramps, PMS, etc.) we expect to go along with our periods are signs of hormonal imbalance. By using food to tap into our bodies’ innate wisdom, we can free ourselves from this monthly suffering.

Female Hormones Run on a 28 Day Cycle

This cycle is called the infradian rhythm and is split into four phases: follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual. In each phase, our minds and bodies dramatically change. When eating with your cycle, food can be the medicine we need to support these changes. That’s why my recipes are created with a specific phase in mind.

This is a Holistic Practice

Your hormonal health, mental health, and gut health are all connected. When you eat to improve one, the others naturally benefit. Part of my process is researching how food affects us as a whole, then sharing that with you (found in the ‘intentional ingredients’ section of each recipe).

This is not a Restrictive Approach

Eating with your cycle combines intuitive eating with science. The only rule is to listen to what your body needs. It’s not about a strict regimen, but instead about making choices that support the person you want to be. As you get deeper into the practice, you will notice that your body naturally craves the food that makes it feel good. My recipes are general guidance to head in that direction. Take what serves you and leave the rest.

I am here to help you return to
your most whole, perfect self.

The food and lifestyle we grew up on in Western culture does not serve our higher selves. For women, this step away from Mother Earth has led to hormonal imbalances and the rise of ailments like PMS, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and endometriosis. Living in sickness keeps our soul from the true pleasure that it is to be alive.

We came to this planet, like Mother Earth herself, equipped with every system, skill, and advantage we need to thrive in our unique journeys. A key system within the female experience is our menstrual cycle which has four different phases. During each of these phases, your mind and body change, requiring different foods and activities.

I want to nourish your body with real food that works with you, nourish your mind with real information, and nourish your soul with the real opportunity to enjoy this lifetime.

This is a space for growth and learning. Cooking with simple ingredients from the Earth that heal you on a molecular and energetic level. Showing you all that is possible in your life. We are all students here. We were all born in alignment and want to return.

I wish you peace and compassion on the journey.

- Katie

How to Start Cycle Syncing

A checklist for the foodie that needs a lil organization.

This free download shares how to begin your food forward, cycle syncing journey. This step by step checklist will guide you through how to best use my resources. You’ll go from what are the menstrual phases? to fully integrating menstrual cycle cooking in your kitchen.

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how to start cycle syncing your food